Texas Communications is a privately held corporation, still owned and operated by the family that started the business over 30 years ago. We have grown to 4 locations in Texas, with near 40 employees and doing over $4,000,000 per year in gross sales.

Our company operates its own carrier networks to support end user services such as data communications and internet connectivity, two-way voice communications, and one-way message communications.

We also dedicate a large part of our efforts towards networks owned and operated by the end users themselves, known as COAM Systems (Customer Owned and Maintained). A large portion of this business is Government Operations and Medium to Large Manufacturing companies.

Texas Communications has four major divisions within the company that make up the operation as a whole. Our Sales division brings product and service solutions to our end users for voice, data, remote monitoring, or control. Our Service division brings support to keep those solutions working. Our Voice Communications Networks provide for dispatch type communications. And our Tower Infrastructure division supplies locations for your infrastructure to reside while serving your larger coverage area needs.

Our future is to continue to provide solutions through technology. We excel in taking readily available products from an array of manufacturers and bringing them together to create a system solution and all in a manner that is very versatile due to our wireless environment.