Our customer service support staff may be reached directly at our main dial in number of each location at any time Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm. Those customers participating in our maintenance contract programs may dial in at any time 24 x 7 and an on call service technician will be notified to assist you. The staff should always be courteous and promptly attend to your request. Scheduling of service requests are on a first come basis with the exception of our maintenance contract customers that receive automatic priority support.

At any time during a service request if your expectations are not being met please escalate your concern to the Manager or Vice President level.

Locations and service support numbers:

  • Abilene, TX : 325-695-6962
  • Bryan, TX: 979-775-6239
  • San Angelo, TX: 325-658-3566

To escalate a concern or express a compliment at a local level please contact:

Store Managers

  • Abilene
  • Lewis Bergman at 325-695-6962, ext: 1601
  •  Bryan
  • Jim Sheldon at 979-775-6239
  • San Angelo
  • Buz Wojtek at 325-658-3566

A Message from the President of Texas Communications

If at any time you believe your request has not been properly handled please contact me directly via email at lbergman@texascom.com or via phone at 325-695-6962. This will allow you to speak to Lewis Bergman, the President of Texas Communications.