Family Owned Since 1972

Texas Communications

Bill Bergman founded Texas Communications in Abilene, Texas, in July of 1971. His vision of high quality, honest, personal service for all customers has guided Texas Communications since it began.

In 1972 Texas Communications became an authorized Motorola Service Shop and continued to strive to provide the best available communications service.

In 1979 Texas Communications further extended our capabilities by opening a service center in San Angelo, Texas.

In 1981 it became necessary to expand our reach to other areas and our Bryan/College Station service center was opened offering the same unparalleled service to the customers in that area.

Having built a solid foundation of world class customer service as a Motorola Service Shop, in 1989 Texas Communications was given the opportunity to become a Motorola Radius two-way radio dealer. Taking this opportunity our sales force was formed with the same goals of providing our customers with the very best choices in communications products, systems, and service. In 1991 Texas Communications became one of the Charter Motorola 2-Way Radio Dealers. Our sales force now offers the full line of Motorola products and has continued our tradition of excellent personal service.

Today Texas Communications employs 39 people and continues to offer the same personal service on which our company was founded in 1971. Let us go to work for you.

Corporate Overview

Texas Communications is a privately held corporation, still owned and operated by the family that started the business over 30 years ago. We have grown to 4 locations in Texas, with near 40 employees and doing over $4,000,000 per year in gross sales.

Our company operates its own carrier networks to support end user services such as data communications and internet connectivity, two-way voice communications, and one-way message communications.

We also dedicate a large part of our efforts towards networks owned and operated by the end users themselves, known as COAM Systems (Customer Owned and Maintained). A large portion of this business is Government Operations and Medium to Large Manufacturing companies.

Texas Communications has 5 major divisions within the company that make up the operation as a whole. Our Sales division brings product and service solutions to our end users for voice, data, remote monitoring, or control. Our Service division brings support to keep those solutions working. Our Voice Communications Networks provide for dispatch type communications. Our Data Communications networks offer dialup or broadband high speed internet access. And our Tower Infrastructure division supplies locations for your infrastructure to reside while serving your larger coverage area needs.

Our future is to continue to provide solutions through technology. We excel in taking readily available products from an array of manufacturers and bringing them together to create a system solution and all in a manner that is very versatile due to our wireless environment. 

Our Guarantee

Texas Communications guarantees the integrity of their repair and installation services to be free from defect for 90 days beyond the completion date of the repair or install. If a problem exist related to the components replaced, Texas Communications will troubleshoot down to the source of the cause of the problem and repair it at no charge to the customer and begin again the 90 day guarantee from the newly completed repair date. If a problem exist in the unit and troubleshooting determines it is in a circuit area in which the previous repair did not take place the customer will be responsible for the new repair service charges to correct the new problem. In the event, within 90 days, a device Texas Communications installed stops operating properly, and the source of the problem is found to be in the integrity of the workmanship or install material Texas Communications provided, Texas Communications will make the device operable at no cost to the customer. If in the event the source of the problem is found to be within the device and not related to the workmanship or material provided in the installation the customer will be responsible for the charges to return the device to an operable condition.

Texas Communications sales products for many manufacturers. Our guarantee is to inform you of the basic guide lines of the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Texas Communications upon request will obtain a full warranty disclosure direct from the manufacturer on behalf of the customer. Texas Communications will assist the customer with warranty procedures at any time requested. For those products not allowing any reimbursement for direct field customer support the customer will be responsible for all charges from Texas Communications to facilitate in the warranty repair process.

Within the context of a System Solution Sale, Texas Communications guarantees the performance of the provided system to meet or exceed the mutually agreed upon Performance Expectations, as stated on the “Performance Expectations” document. This document should be signed by an authorized representative of both Texas Communications and the prospective customer or buyer as well as witnessed by at least one arbitrary party as part of the purchase agreement or contract. In the event no such document exist Texas Communications guarantees that the components of the system will perform at the manufacturers specifications and if not, the standard warranty procedure will be utilized to correct the defect in the material.