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Your radio is only as strong as the battery powering it, so be sure to use the only batteries tested, proven and trusted with Motorola Solutions radios.

Motorola Original two-way radio batteries perform better to help your workers stay safer. Whether your people are pursuing a suspect or patrolling a power plant, you can't shortchange their safety. Their radio is their lifeline and if the battery fails, so do they.

Mission-Critical Performance Focused on Durability and Flexibility to Keep You Safer
Motorola Solutions P25 APX radios deliver what first responders need to increase their safety and improve their situational awareness. Get the most out of your APX radio by extending its power and reliability with resilient APX accessories. They are the only accessories tested and certified for use with APX radios. Motorola Solutions accessories endure rigorous testing to last longer and help keep you safer. There's simply no substitute for Motorola APX accessories.

IMPRES™ 2 Energy: Your Radio Is Your Lifeline. If Your Battery Dies, It Jeopardizes Everything
That's why Motorola Solutions introduced the IMPRES 2 for APX Series radios. It's a next-generation energy system that's safer and smarter, while keeping you powered for even longer. With IMPRES 2 chargers, you can charge batteries up to 40% faster. Customize your charging to extend the life of batteries in storage. And manage power more intelligently with enhanced diagnostics, so you get the most from each battery.

If Your Battery Isn't Working, You're Not Working
On the manufacturing line or the fire line, at a crash site or a construction site, you rely on a two-way radio that operates continuously – that won't stop when it's dropped, won't break when it's shaken or won't fail when it's shocked by static electricity. Whether you're in public safety or private enterprise, radio batteries that can't handle the rigors of the real world aren't a bargain. Because when a radio battery dies and your radio stops, you can't do your job.

Motorola understands that uninterrupted communications are business-essential and mission-critical. There is no margin for error and no room for malfunction. And they know that other leading radio battery brands don't deliver what they do. Highly reliable, high-performing batteries that are proven tough. Time after time. Test after test.

Advanced IMPRES ™ Batteries and Chargers
Along with their standard Motorola Original two-way radio batteries, they also offer the exclusive IMPRES "smart energy" system. This exclusive battery technology provides adaptive reconditioning and end-of-life display to maximize your talk time and battery cycle life – all automatically. You can safely leave batteries on the IMPRES charger without damaging them and keep your two-way radio batteries fully charged so you can be confident they are always ready and your radio is ready to work, right when you need it.

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