Motorola Solutions Call Boxes


Whether used within a corporation or college campus, recreational area, shopping center or transportation system, Call Boxes provide a swift and reliable way for employees, visitors and customers to communicate with a monitoring station. Two-way-based Call Boxes, designed by Connectivity, allow for integration into most existing radio systems and provide direct access to personnel connected to the system. 

All Connectivity Call Boxes Include:

  • Voice Instruction Message for User
  • Automatically Announces Call Box ID and User Location
  • Courtesy Light
  • Easy Push-to-talk Operation
  • Silent Tamper Alert Broadcast to Security
  • Low Battery Alert
  • 40-day Standby Battery Capacity
  • One 12 Volt, 12 Amp/Hour Rechargeable Battery
  • Call Box Keys and Tamper-resistant Screw Bits
  • 1-Year Warranty on Call Box; 5-Year Warranty on Solar Panel Communicate

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