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Motorola Solutions headsets offer superior receive-and-transmit audio, along with the protection you need every day.

XBT Heavy-Duty Wireless Headset
XBT heavy-duty headsets connect wirelessly to your radio, suppressing noise for clearer communications. With patented SENS™ situational awareness technology, these headsets ensure you'll hear critical communications from co-workers in the field with you.

What are the EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra Earplugs?
RLN6511, RLN6512, RLN6513
The EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra Earplugs provide extra comfort and/or noise protection for users wearing surveillance accessories or users wearing heavy-duty headsets / helmets. With a foam-tipped stem design and soft memory foam Comply™ Canal Tips, these comfortable earplugs protect your hearing without blocking your ability to hear routine sounds or conversations. Safe sounds are allowed to pass through into the ear canal, while potentially harmful noises (above 85dB) are reduced through a filter.

In some extremely loud environments, it is difficult to hear your radio conversations without a headset. Motorola headsets are designed to offer high-clarity audio with the additional hearing protection necessary to provide consistent, clear, two-way radio communications in harsh, noisy environments.

Motorola Solutions lightweight headsets provide lasting comfort, and their heavy-duty headsets provide comfortable ways to protect your hearing in noisy environments. Even if your teams are logging extra hours stocking shelves or clocking overtime on the manufacturing line, they can communicate confidently. Heavyweight headsets offer extra durability and protection in more rugged and noisy environments.

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