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In Public Safety, Focus Is Your Greatest Resource. Make Sure It's Protected with APX Next™

A Massive Advance in Mission-Critical Voice and Data
Your radio is your lifeline. APX NEXT is our next step in advancing it. It's designed to military standards for extreme ruggedness. The touchscreen works with or without gloves—in rain, dirt, and dust. Digital mics and high-power speakers deliver our best audio ever, while SmartConnect keeps you connected even beyond your P25 system. The result is a radio that works when you need it, without pause, distraction or doubt.

Effortless is Always in Reach
APX NEXT is designed for effortless usability when everything is on the line. Intuitive knobs and buttons are easily distinguished by touch. A mission-critical touchscreen makes it fast and easy to operate your radio. ViQi understands a huge range of natural language voice commands, so you can operate the radio with eyes-up awareness. Every interaction is simple, fast and logical. You stay focused on what matters—your mission and your safety.

Bring New Intelligence to the Point of Engagement
APX NEXT mission-critical apps bring new intelligence to the field. ViQi enables natural language database queries, rapidly giving vital information, and letting dispatchers stay focused on critical situations. And as part of our unique, end-to-end public safety ecosystem, APX NEXT data and operations are secure, and new capabilities can be seamlessly added as your needs evolve.

Frequency Band:
VHF, UHF R1, UHF R2, 700/800 MHz

Frequency Range:
700/800 (764-870 MHz), VHF (136-174 MHz), UHF R1 (380-470 MHz), UHF R2 (450-520 MHz)

Power Output:
1-3 watts/700/800 MHz, 1-6 watts/VHF, 1-5 watts/UHF

Channel spacing:
12.5 / 20 / 25 kHz

Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery)
5.4" x 2.5" x 1.7"

Weight (with standard battery)
18.5 oz.

Keypad / Keys

3.6” Mission-critical Touchscreen: 800x480 TFT 24-bit Full Color Transflective Display, 1 mm Toughened Glass Lens

Operating temperature
-30ºC / +60ºC

Mil spec
810 C, 810 D, 810 E, 810 F, 810 G

IP Standards
Dust Resistance: IP6X
Water Resistance (Submersion): IPX8

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ViQi Voice Control
Operate your radio using simple voice commands.

While it's easy to change settings on your APX NEXT™ radio using the traditional hard controls or the touchscreen soft controls, there are situations where you need to keep your eyes up and stay focused on your environment.

Using ViQi Voice Control, you can operate the radio with your voice. From switching channel and zone, to adjusting the volume, to changing your audio profile, all you need to do is press and hold the ViQi button, and speak into the mic.

There are 13 available actions, each accessible using several intuitive commands. With multiple options, you'll find a ViQi command to suit you.

ViQi Voice Control is optimized for public safety situations, and performs well in high-noise environments. The 3-dot buttons on the APX NEXT radio and RSM are configured as the ViQi button by default. Through RadioCentral™, the ViQi function can be assigned to any other programmable control except the purple “monitor” button.

Motorola APX NEXT Features

  • LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for ultra-connectivity
  • Designed and tested for extreme ruggedness
  • Mission-critical all-weather touchscreen
  • Application platform, for advanced capabilities
  • Enhanced audio for louder, clearer voice
  • The power to endure: 12hrs of battery life
  • New antennas improve comfort and wearability
  • Exceptional ergonomics, for high-stress situations

Motorola APX NEXT Featured Applications

ViQi Virtual Assistant
With ViQi at your side, it's faster and easier to run routine database queries. Dispatchers can focus on responding to the most critical situations. And the intelligence that keeps responders safe is moved to the field, faster than ever.

Your radios should be in the field, not in the shop. SmartProgramming enables you to update your APX NEXT radios with zero touch. Encryption keys and software patches can be automatically pushed via broadband.

Your officers never need to be alone, even while on lone patrol. SmartLocate on APX NEXT provides location updates every few seconds, so you always know where your team is, while freeing critical capacity of your P25 system for other uses.

Stay connected to your P25 radio system even when outside of P25 coverage. SmartConnect maintains your P25 voice and data communications by automatically switching between P25 and broadband.

Motorola AN000296A01


760-870 Mhz 2.6” Stubby Antenna

Motorola AN000297A01


136-174MHz, 380-520MHz, 760-870MHz, 7.9” Antenna

Motorola AN000392A01


700/800 MHz, Short Whip Antenna

Motorola AN000393A01


UHF, 350-520 MHz, Short Whip Antenna

Motorola AN000369A01


UHF, 380-470 MHz, Stubby Antenna

Motorola AN000369A02


UHF, 450-527 MHz Stubby Antenna

Motorola 32012144001


Gray Antenna ID Band (pack of 10)

Motorola 32012144002


Yellow Antenna ID Band (pack of 10)

Motorola 32012144003


Green Antenna ID Band (pack of 10)

Motorola 32012144004


Blue Antenna ID Band (pack of 10)

Motorola 32012144005


Purple Antenna ID Band (pack of 10)

Motorola IMPRES Two-way Batteries

Motorola NNTN9216


IMPRES2 4400 mAh Battery

Motorola NNTN9217


IMPRES2 4400 mAh Battery UL Div 2

Motorola NNTN9089


IMPRES2 5650 mAh Battery

Motorola NNTN9090


IMPRES2 5650 mAh Battery UL Div 2

Motorola NNTN8266


2.5" Belt Clip

Motorola PMLN5407


Replacement 2.5” Leather Swivel Belt Loop

Motorola PMLN5408


Replacement 2.75” Leather Swivel Belt Loop

Motorola PMLN5409


Replacement 3” Leather Swivel Belt Loop

Motorola PMLN7947


Motorola PMLN7947 – Holster

Motorola PMLN7948


Hybrid Leather Carry Case
For use with NNTN9087, NNTN9088 Batteries

Motorola PMLN7964


Hybrid Leather Carry Case
For use with NNTN9089, NNTN9090 Batteries

Motorola PMLN7965


3” Hard Plastic Belt Clip

Desktop, Single & Multi-unit Chargers

Motorola NNTN9115


IMPRES 2 Multi-Unit Charger

Motorola NNTN9199


IMPRES 2 Single-Unit Charger

Motorola NNTN9212


APX NEXT Pocket (Only for use with NNTN8844)

Motorola PMPN4604


IMPRES 2 Single-Unit Fast Charger, US/NA 115V

Motorola PMPN4591


IMPRES 2 Multi-Unit Fast Charger with 6 Displays and 6 Integrated USB Charging Ports, US/NA 100-240V

Motorola AS000178A01


Pocket to use with IMPRES 2 Multi-Unit Fast Charger

Motorola NLN7967


Wall Mount Bracket for IMPRES 2 Multi-Unit Chargers

Motorola PS000040A01


Replacement Power Supply Unit for IMPRES 2 Single-Unit Fast Charger, US/NA 115V

Motorola PS000116A01


Replacement Power Supply for IMPRES 2 Single-Unit Fast Charger, 100-240 VAC without Power Cord

Motorola 3087791G01


Power Cord for IMPRES 2 Multi-Unit Charger, US/CAN Plug

Motorola PS000040A02


Replacement Power Supply Unit for IMPRES 2 Single-Unit Fast Charger, US/NA 115V

Travel Chargers

Motorola PMPN4639


APX Next Vehicle Charger

Surveillance Kits & Earpieces

Motorola AARLN4885


Receive-Only Covered Earbud with coiled cord

Motorola PMLN6127


IMPRES 2-Wire Surveillance Kit, programmable button, black

Motorola BDN6783


3.5mm Threaded Audio Adapter

Motorola PMLN6130


IMPRES 2-Wire Surveillance Kit with translucent tube, programmable button, beige

Motorola RLN5312


2-Wire Surveillance Kit with Translucent Tube, Black, 3.5mm Threaded.

Requires BDN6783

Motorola RLN5312


2-Wire Surveillance Kit with Translucent Tube, Black, 3.5mm Threaded.

Requires BDN6783

Motorola PMLN8120


Receive-Only Earpiece with Translucent Tube, Loud Audio (for PMMN4135 & PMMN4136)

Motorola PMLN8092


Replacement Translucent Tube with Rubber Eartip for PMLN8120

Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM)

Motorola PMMN4132


XVE500 High Impact Green, Channel Knob, Xtreme Temperature Cable

Motorola PMMN4132_BLK


XVE500 Black Housing, Channel Knob, Xtreme Temperature Cable

Motorola PMMN4137


XVE500 High Impact Green, No Channel Knob, Xtreme Temperature Cable

Motorola PMMN4137


XVE500 Black Housing, No Channel Knob, Xtreme Temperature Cable

Motorola PMMN4135


XVP850 RSM with Channel Knob

Motorola PMMN4136


XVP830 RSM without Channel Knob

Motorola 30009402007


Xtreme Temperature Replacement Cable for XVE500 RSM

Motorola PMLN7633


XVE500 RSM Clip Assembly with brass insert designed to work with the Boston Leather Straps (AY000223A01, AY000229A01) requires Clip Button NNTN8749

Motorola PMLN7653


Replacement Channel Knob for XVE500 RSM (20pcs per pack)

Motorola NNTN8749


Clip Button

Motorola PMLN8312


Low profile swivel clip with D-ring (10pcs per pack)

Motorola PMKN4260


Replacement coil cord

Motorola PMLN8313


Replacement channel knob (20pcs per pack)