Value Plus Maintenance Program

This program reserves access to our 24 hour emergency repair. Customers that operate critical infrastructure in 24 hour operations will greatly benefit from this exclusive access. In addition all subscriber units under the program receive priority service over standard repair request.

There are many items under this customer support program typically not covered under many service centers maintenance contract offers. Some of these are accessories with portable radios, such as antenna, battery, charger, and clip. The same is true for the mobile radio with items such as control cables, antenna, and microphone.

Any items the customer desires to be on our Value Plus Maintenance Program can be added by requesting a quoted price. This can be simple items such as battery maintenance systems, external speaker – microphone for portables as well as complex items like master antenna networks and non-radio based products such as sirens, light-bars, video recorder systems.

Another plan benefit is a one hour evaluation of any physical damage not covered under standard contract terms. This evaluation will either fix the product or allow the creation of an estimate to repair the unit at no cost to the customer. These situations arise from lightning and other severe weather damage, liquid damage, and or drops from high levels or product crush from heavy objects such as units run over by vehicle or construction equipment.

The life of your equipment will be greatly extended. This takes place due to our process of annual preventive checks on infrastructure and our proactive repair of subscriber units. In many cases we go forward with repairs that the average customer would refuse if given a time and material quote for the repair. Our goal is to maximize equipment run time and keep it under our maintenance program.

Request a quote and allow us to help you regulate your annual repair cost to fall within your budget