Over the years Texas Communications has owned and operated many of its own systems. This has naturally trained our company to be good system managers. The key items learned while operating a Carrier System for profit is you become skilled in economically operating your system and at the same time maintaining maximum up time.

We accomplish this by regular Preventative Maintenance Routines. We also maintain operating databases so that user integrity remains high through the life of the system. All scheduled maintenance checks are recorded and compared to historical data to correct degradation trends as they occur. All of these processes greatly enhance the performance of your system, specially in the later years when performance can begin to deteriate if not monitored.

We can tailor a management program to fit your needs. If you are a Trunking System Owner and you only want an outside party to manage unit assignments and activations on the system we can be that third party management system, we are effective as we know the technical inner workings of the system. This keeps the risk of unwanted units on the system at a very low level.

In many cases your infrastructure is a large investment sometimes near $100,000 or more. Our services are very affordable to deliver the confidence that your investment is being properly taken care of so it can perform at its peak level year round.

Project Management

Is your communications system build out going to be more than you have time to handle.

Allow Texas Communications to take those burdens off your shoulders. We have extensive experience in everything from site preparations and construction to the erection of the tower and installing all the hardware.

Our management staff is accustomed to the Project Manager duties for these build outs. We can act as your general contractor utilizing all the subcontracted services needed to complete the job from start to finish. This will allow you the single point of contact needed to get real time updates on progress and make certain that an individual familiar with proper facilities for communications sites is monitoring the progress and controlling the quality.

Our company is flexible in the manner in which you contract us for this service. It can be as part of a turn – key sale, on a cost plus basis when you have certain sole source subcontractors to be utilized, or on a fee basis for the given project.

Site Management

Texas Communications itself owns and manages over 20 tower sites. If you own infrastructure, at a site you lease, or a remote tower you own, there are certain routine processes you will want taken care of.

Most are good house keeping items, however if they are not being performed on a routine basis the quality of your site and the integrity of your equipment will be jeopardized over time. These are simple items like maintaining the vegetation growth around the equipment shelter, treating the shelter for rodents and insects, checking and replacing light bulbs, checking shelter integrity such as working locks, cleanliness, air-conditioning & filters, water leaks in roof. Our staff already routinely performs these duties, allow us to take this item off of your to-do list and place it in the hands of those handling these items on a regular basis.

An added value service that is available is creating most any level of automatic alarm reporting. You can know things like high temperature, intrusion, electrical outages, as well as several points of failure on your equipment, all real time as they occur. This allows us to react quickly on your behalf to head off problems before they cause equipment failures.

If you own your tower site you may be under certain regulations from the FAA or FCC to monitor and report tower lighting failures. This can also be incorporated into the monitoring system that is reporting the alarm conditions.