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Peltor Units – Special Headset Applications
Hands Free headsets with built in UHF radio – great for those times when the job requires you work with your hands and talk to others at the same time

Portable Radio Equipment – this solution fits the bulk of the rental request. High quality Motorola and Radius equipment. With proper advance notice accessories are available for the portable radios.

  • Earbuds
  • Headsets
  • Some units support hands free VOX operation
  • Surveillance type ear piece with microphone
  • Extra Batteries

Available in most of our service areas you may operate on a repeater system to give a larger coverage area or allow better building to building penetration when the need requires. These costs can be calculated into the rental contract.

Mobile Radio Equipment - when the job includes a fleet of vehicles or heavy equipment operators over a larger area these rugged Motorola and Radius radios do the job.

  • Costs of Install and Removal, and if needed FCC licensing, can be calculated  into the rental contract.
  • Available in most of our service areas you may operate on a repeater system to give a larger coverage area, this can be rolled into the rental contract.
  • Headsets are available as an accessory if proper advance notice is given.

Repeater Equipment – these are available for more complex and longer term rental needs. When FCC licensing is required we will inform and assist you with everything needed, all fees and charges can be rolled into the rental contract.

  • For those times when special design of the situation requires an onsite repeater the Radius GR and Motorola CDR series units fit the bill. 

  • Advance notice and planning are required to facilitate these special systems.

  • You can rely on our expertise in implementing these systems to make it as easy for you as possible to accomplish the goal of solid unit to unit coverage.