Event rentals – take the problem with event coordination down a notch or two with two-way radio equipment. Because Texas Communications has only a two day minimum on rental equipment it works great for conference type events. Keeps you in touch with the people that have answers to situations that commonly arise. Also serves well for other services at the event such as Security & Parking Attendants. When everyone can talk the event runs smooth.

Short Term Projects

Are you irregularly contracted for projects only lasting a month or two? If you run into problems where your radios never seem to work when you need them, due to their long storage times between projects – then you should think about rentals. With a rental solution you do not have to gear up your communications needs you just simply pick them up and start using them. If there is a problem with a unit during the project you limit your down time by simply bringing it in and picking up a replacement, this is a much better solution than having to wait for repair of equipment you own. Once you are familiar with the rental as part of your project it can simply be budgeted in a s a cost against the project.

Long Term Solutions

If you are uneasy about dedicating your resources to equipment that you will out grow in a year or two, then talk to us about a rental solution. Long term rates are much more competitive than the posted short term rates. When you need communications and you want to wait for the next generation of technology before making a long term investment then use the rental equipment to fill that gap between now and then. This is also a good solution for long term construction projects, in many cases the equipment you would rent for this job may not be a viable solution for the next, you want a clean break from the end of this project and the beginning of the next – rental equipment solves this problem.